Throughout the game, the assortment of the 100 or more missions never neglects to please. Take a join gatherer. Penetrate a mystery armed force base. Pursue down criminals on quad bicycles. Burglarize a bank. Shoot down remote-controlled planes with a minigun. Salvage a lot of stoned English rockers from the desert. Fly a plane to Liberty City to complete a hit. From the easy to the naughty, from the dismally criminal to the comedic, from the glorious to the crazy, San Andreas holds the ability to shock and engage all through its long structure. Not simply as far as the missions, it is possible that: you'll be invading, burgling, flying, after, swimming, and shooting as a traveler just as the more common shooting and driving. My solitary bandy is that CJ never questions the thinking behind the several losses he's approached to dispense. "Murder that man?  As in the past two GTA games, you can put your money in properties, some of which will give a pay once you've built up a business there, and others which simply go about as new spare focuses. These uncommon areas regularly expect you to finish a progression of missions, offering one more road to seek after. At some random time you'll have among one and about six strategic on offer, for you to take up in any request you need, or overlook totally for a spot of pimping, investigating, police-goading, male preparing or simply riding around.

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