GTA 4 Episodes From Liberty City PART 13 :-

The Lost and Damned happens in Liberty City simultaneously as Niko's story from GTA IV. You play as Johnny "The Jew" Klebitz, Vice President of the biker pack named The Lost. Johnny's been the accepted pioneer while the President of The Lost, Billy, has been in recovery. The story starts with Billy's discharge and resumption of obligations as leader of the pack. This normally prompts a contention as Billy hopes to plunge nose-first into the medication exchange while Johnny needs The Lost to be more brilliant about how it handles its business. The battle, which can be beaten in 8-10 hours, isn't Rockstar's most grounded offering, yet is as yet an extraordinary encounter. Johnny's not an agreeable person. He's a jolt, however not in the loveable method for somebody like, well, me. While the story and characters aren't incredible, there are minutes when Johnny's story meets with Niko's. You may be astounded to find that Johnny was a piece of the GTA IV storyline from the beginning. Getting the opportunity to see bits of the story from an alternate perspective is a cool thought. A few pivotal ongoing interaction changes were made for L&D. The most eminent is a significant tweaking of the bikes. Each bicycle handles preferable in L&D over in GTA IV and a solid number have been included so that there's a lot of assortment accessible. All the more critically, it's unbelievably hard to be tossed from your bicycle now. You practically need to run head-on into a divider to get hurled. You can ricochet off medians, smack against different vehicles and basically run roughshod over Liberty City with little worry for being unseated.

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